Ten Things You Must Dispose Of Before Moving to Your New Home

Congratulations on moving to your new home! You must be excited for a fresh start in your new home. A fresh start includes those new paints, bedroom and everything else. But if you still carry the same old things from your old home that only take up space, it wouldn’t feel all that new, would it?

So, before moving on to your new life comes the part where you need to wrap up this one. And that means it is time for the home improvement job. There will be a lot of things which you may want, but they are real of no use. And there will be things you wouldn’t know if you should dump them or not. That’s why; we have listed out ten things which you must drop as you pack up your stuff for putting them on the moving truck.

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The Top Ten List

  1. Used Linens-

We usually buy new linens and towels when we move into a new home setting. If that’s the case with you, then it is time to get new towels for your new home. As for the old and used ones, you can either turn them into rags or just throw them. And the same goes with your old bed sheets and mats.

  1. The Juicer- Come on, you have to face it that you never actually use your juicer, do you? We all have those health goals where we will make ourselves that green juice in a big glass. But most often, you end up trying it only once. Because it is unlikely that anyone will wake up early morning looking forward to a green juice of kale, pineapple and others for a regular period.

It’s great to have inspirations and life goals but do not remain attached to these reminders. Get rid of your appliances like juicer, which you never actually use.

  1. Outgrown Collectables- Every one of us had those collections we so dearly loved. But only during that point of time in life. Now that you have outgrown that porcelain doll or your childhood collection of snow globes, you need to get rid of them.

As they have, over the time, disappeared from your mind and heart you certainly have no use for them anymore. They just occupy your space now and not your thoughts.

  1. Worn out Clothes- When you are organizing your closet, it is not unnatural if you are faced with situations where you keep your old worn out clothes or those unworn ones, which you have kept “just in case” that certain occasion strikes up.

Before you move out to your new home, you need to get rid of those dresses which you kept just in case you lost a couple of pounds and fit into that size smaller than yours. In case you do, just rent a dress from the next time.

  1. Souvenirs- It is time for you to find that souvenir from your trip of years back from under the sofa or your coffee mug from the place you once visited which you hardly remember anymore. Clusters are always in those places where you will least expect them to be. Not to mention, in those strange places. You have the duplicates of your stuff for a backup that you never use. Like the pancake pan? Well, it is time you put them in the bin before embarking on your journey to your new home.

  2. Useless Cords- Get rid of all the tangled up cords and cables from your thrown out electrical appliances that you used years ago. We often end up with more cables and wires than we need to use now.

  3. So, throw away those to avoid those future headaches. And you will not have to worry about those three data cables that you have that do not work but only clutter your workspace.

  4. Old Toiletries & Half Used Cosmetics– Your bathroom and dressing table must be filled with expired, half used and old toiletries and cosmetics respectively. Well, the time has come to organize them, and you need to face the fact that you will never really use those anymore.

So, you should put them in the dumping bin.

  1. The Stack of Paper– All of us are guilty of having sets of paperwork which we intended to deal with but never did. Well, now is the time to get rid of your old insurance policies and paperwork, filter the ones you need like your tax records and official documents and giveaway for recycling. Also, adopt a filing system for the future.

  2. Magazines & Books– You must have a stack of magazines and books that must have piled up into a long and dark one. It is time you refine that and give away those old magazines and books to the local library. Or give them for recycling. But do give them away and thin out your stack so that you can easily carry them when you put them in the moving box.

  3. Fillers of No Use– you might just happen to have that favorite chair or a wall art that is too old to keep. You may end up with furniture that does not go to the settings of your new home or accentuate the furniture it will hold.

So, you need to dump those space fillers. You certainly would not want to watch TV on your new home with the cabinets beside the TV of unusual colors and shade that ultimately look messed up in your home setting.

Therefore, go ahead and enjoy the fresh start in your new abode. As you decorate your new home and unpack the boxes, you will thank yourself for having a better organized and cleaner packing. Since it’s only when we are convinced and forced to do these work that we do it. So, dispose of these to welcome more new stuff to your home.